American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Conflict Mediation Team Receives Initial Training


Downloadable Video of Frank's Opening Devotional

“Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.”  Max Lucado

We all know Max Lucado is correct.  Conflict is inevitable, even among disciples of Jesus.  For most of us, it is easy to recall the conflicts we have encountered within the walls of the church.  Perhaps one of the reasons these are easy to remember is because they are so painful.  And perhaps the reason they are so painful is because we expect those within the church to behave in ways that are different than the culture around us.  Being followers of Jesus, we expect members of a congregation to be gracious, loving and merciful, but even Jesus knew there would be conflicts both inside and outside his church. 

Jesus said:  (Matthew 5: 23 -24 RSV) 23If therefore when you are offering your gift upon the altar, you remember that your brother has a grievance against you, 24leave your gift there before the altar, and go and make friends with your brother first, and then return and proceed to offer your gift.

On of the facets of our new design for Regional Ministry is the creation of a Conflict Mediation Team.  The team of both clergy and laity will respond to conflicts in local congregations.  The team spent two days, February 18 - 19 in training with Dr. Ed Peirce.  Ed has been training conflict mediation teams for over a decade and has been contracted to help ABCOPAD develop a team.  The training was intense as Ed both lectured and taught via case studies and role plays.

More about the Conflict Mediation Team will be coming in future announcements and publications.  This team will need both encouragement and prayer as they seek to be peacemakers in our Region.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God.  Matt 5:9