American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Regional Ministry Associates


As a regional family we have been focusing on Tod Bolsinger’s book, Canoeing the Mountains, and the challenge of what it means for us as ministries to go ‘off map’ and engage our current culture in new and creative ways for the furtherance of the Gospel.  We are all called to live ‘At the Edge’ and entrust our life and ministry into the hands of the Faithful One as we seek be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Just as that challenge is true for local congregations, so it is also true for us as a regional family of churches here in ABCOPAD.

Following significant work by our regional Long Range Task Force, our ABCOPAD Board approved the deployment of a number of Regional Ministry Associates to help us in our efforts to come alongside of local congregations to assist you in being all that God is calling you to be for the Kingdom. These newly called leaders have broadened our own regional Corps of Discovery and we’re excited about the addition of these ministry partners for a number of reasons:

  1. Given our key vision theme of ‘Partnership’, the addition of these leaders to our ministry truly does live out our vision as we seek to partner together for the cause of Christ here in ABCOPAD. Each of the leaders listed below represent sisters and brothers that have a passion for our life together and have said‘yes’ to partnering with us in a number of key areas of service beyond the walls of the local church. All of them either serve in existing ministries or hold other forms of employment (or retirement) and take this on as a part-time responsibility at very part-time compensation, but we believe that God will honor their passion and efforts for the betterment of ministry in ABCOPAD. 
  2. In a recent podcast Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor of Life.Church, said the following:
    The strength of your organization is often reflected by how deep into your organization you empower people to say,“yes.” If you push the ability to say yes deeper into the organization, you're gonna build better leaders, you're gonna retain better leaders and you're gonna be able to take more risks.

In many ways that is what we are seeking to do through the ministry of ABCOPAD. Our vision of Partnership is really trying to meet leaders and congregations where they are and engage them in ministry and mission. To come alongside of them and partner with them in becoming all God longs for them to be. Adding these Regional Ministry Associates seeks to enhance that opportunity and allow even more individuals to craft and color the outworking of the vision that God has given us.

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