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Lenten Journey

by Dr. Richard Rusbuldt

Richard Rusbuldt


February 17 -- April 3, 2021

Welcome aboard the 2021 Lenten Journey in the midst of our pandemic world! Never have we walked like this before! Yet in the midst of our highly interrupted journeys, we’ll pause a few moments each day to "walk” on those dusty, sandy roads with Jesus, and try to catch new insights in what he said and did.

Lent falls between Ash Wednesday and Easter. For most of the Christian "world” the focus is on the climax, Resurrection Sunday, which we call Easter. Not many around the world will slow down and reflect for the next forty-five days. Some faiths encourage you to “give up” something for Lent. If you read these devotionals, you will "give up” some time...but perhaps it might be good to pause more often on our pandemic journey.

Each day there is a verse or two of Scripture, most from the New Testament. Then there is a one-page “thought” on which to ponder or react. There is a short prayer if you choose to use it ... or pray on your own. At the end of the 45 pages, you will find the Scripture verses for each day, taken from The Message by Eugene Peterson. I continue to be indebted to Dr. Lee Spitzer and his wife, Lois, for their assistance in this Lenten project.

As this is written, people are dying all over the globe….and millions are afflicted with Covid-19. People are anxious for a vaccine that may turn the tide for both young and old. Familiar lifestyles and habits have been turned upside down; we’re all looking for new ways to both live and if possible, thrive. It would be my hope that, if you choose to walk to Jerusalem with us, you will find strength and confidence – both horizontal and vertical! – as you ponder Scripture, stories, history and people, both then and now.

You probably won’t agree with everything that's written herein – that’s not a problem at all. If you don't like some of the suggestions, conclusions or questions, just skip them! You can miss a day or two, and still catch up. And if, by chance, you want to get a glimpse of the conclusion, read Day 44 before you begin! What Jesus “said” on silent Saturday, he had been saying in a multitude of ways for three years in his walk. Maybe you’ll even agree!


 Lent begins on Wednesday, February 17th


 2021 Lenten Journey

by Dr. Richard Rusbuldt

A short bio for Pastor Richard who writes: Almost all of my ministry was invested in ABCOPAD. I pastored four churches, and was founding pastor of Exton Community Baptist. For almost two decades I served in Youth Ministries, Christian Education and Leader Development. My last six years found me serving as the Executive Minister. 

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 2021 Lenten Journey